The citizens of most countries intend to visit United States for various purposes. This country has cultural diversity and many people land here to study, or for job or business. The land of United State is also a paradise on earth because every state of this country has some stunning sightseeing places. Some states have a potential for business as well. This country holds many global conferences and seminars every year where delegates from many countries are invited. All these activities attract millions of tourist and business visitors to the land of United States.

Facts about Autorisation de Voyage (USA VISA)issue

Autorisation de Voyage (USA VISA) or Travel Authorization (USA VISA) is a main document required to visit United States as a tourist. The tourist and business visitors to US are required to obtain B1 and B2 visa for business and tourism respectively, which has a maximum validity of 180 days. The issuing of B1/B2 US business/tourist visa is a cumbersome process because it requires filing of Form DS-160 which is lengthy and lot of information is required. The denial rate is also not too low. The request for B1 or B2 can be denied due to several reasons; error in filling of application, wrong amount of visa fee, mismatch of information during visa interview, insufficiency of a documentation required by a visa officer at the US consulate, failure to prove valid reason for US travel, insufficiency of financial resources to sustain in US, and many more reasons attribute to denial of B1/B2 visa. The applicant is sometimes to required to undergo an administrative processing which may take several months before a visa is issued, or it may be denied.

An alternative to Autorisation de Voyage (USA VISA)

There is a great probability of denial of B1/B2 visa for travel to US. Moreover, in an urgent situation to travel to US, Autorisation de Voyage (USA VISA) is not a feasible option. The best would be to apply for ESTA, the electronic document, if you are from the eligible country and you fulfil the necessary requirements.