Crucial part of search engine optimization is keyword research. A proper keyword research can get you organic traffic instead of the artificial one and also the right kind of traffic. Keyword research should go hand in hand with local SEO; none of them should ever take the backseat. Keyword research is extremely important in case of local SEO and it can be the reason for top ranking when done properly or hidden and forgotten in the internet black hole.

This is a blog post on keyword research for local SEO, and here we discuss some useful points on keyword research that should be done for local SEO:

blog post on keyword research for local SEO

  • There are two types of keywords, head words and long tail keywords. We must use both, although long tail keywords are preferred over head words because long tails are easier to rank and can get more filtered and targeted traffic for your business. Head words are difficult to target successfully and cannot bring potential customers like long tail. While it is local SEO, the difference between competitions of the keywords is not highlighted, because both are trying to target the same audience and in a local area and both can work effectively here.
  • When you are coming up with different keywords, try adding your local area name or city name with it. That will filter the traffic and deviate it towards your business or website or blog posts.
  • The most essential key for keyword research is that you must thin like your potential customer. Much like how a detective is supposed to think like a criminal to solve a case.
  • Take good care of technical language. What you refer to your business might not be how your potential customers identify your business. For example if you have a business regarding skip bins, you refer to it as skip bins but your customers probably know it as big dustbins or trash bins or garbage dumps.