If you have a small patch of greenery within the boundary of your house, it is very likely that you have often faced the problem of trimming the grasses in areas like around a tree, near the walls or the pavements, and so on. The string trimmer comes to your rescue in such situations. Let us have a look at the list of utilities such a trimmer can offer:

Handy operation

As the name itself suggests, a string trimmer helps you in trimming lawn grasses in those areas where your mower generally does not work. Its slender build and easy grip make it simple to run it along the seemingly impenetrable sections of your garden like the edge of the wall of your house, around a big tree, around small plants, by the side of the pavement, and so forth. The grasses and weeds can be neatly trimmed without leaving a trace of untidiness anywhere.


According to your need, you can opt for the best type of string trimmer as there are quite a large number of varieties available in the market. For the purpose of trimming lawn grasses tidily, you may choose any one among the following:

  • Electric string trimmer
    • Corded
    • Cordless
  • Gas string trimmer

These basic categories are further divided into sub-categories like light-duty string trimmers, medium-duty string trimmers, heavy-duty string trimmers, professional string trimmers etc.

Exquisite features

The string trimmers used for trimming lawn grasses are generally endowed with the following features that make the trimming experience more comfortable and easier:

  • Adjustable shafts
  • Automatic-feed heads
  • Fast-loading spools
  • Variable speed controls

So, this is how a string trimmer can help you in neatly trimming grasses. Explore the collections of the popular brands and place the order for your preferred one right now.