Most of the time, preparation time is more than cooking time.  In preparing any dish, preparation time is the one which is quite painful as it might involves lots of chopping, slicing, pureeing and many such tasks. For the large kitchens, which may be of a restaurants or joint families, hotels etc. these tasks are time taking as the quantity involve is quite large. In order to make job easier as well to increase efficiency, use of commercial food processor is very important. In fact they are the basic requirement for such kitchens. There are number of models of Commercial food processor available in the market.


Features of Commercial food processors

Some of the important features which should be kept in mind while buying Commercial food processor are mentioned below.

Horse power: the most important feature of any food processor is its power rating. Food processors which have high motor power can be used for longer time at a stretch, without getting overheated. Higher the RPM, faster will be speed of the blade. Processors with good power ratings produces better results in terms of volumes.

Warranty period: Generally these food processors come with a warranty period of a year. However there are some companies whose model comes with extended warranty period.  Motor of the food processor is the most important part of the appliance, so make sure that the motor should be of good quality so that it justifies warranty time. There are certain companies which provide warranty for individual parts. This kind of purchase are more beneficial in long run.

Additional features: With the passage of time food processors have become quite advance as far as technology is concerned. They come with accessories which not only reduces the time taken for various tasks but also gives promising end results. These additional features involves preparing dough, slicing potato for French fries, dicing vegetables for making salads, whipping creams for cakes and many more.

Dishwasher safe parts: In commercial kitchens usage of food processor is very high and hence it will be very difficult to keep on washing it after every task. It is always better to go for processors whose parts are dishwasher safe.  Cleaning food processor by hand is not even safe as there are blades which have very sharp edges.