When you have a letter or a package to deliver you might wonder whether to go with the regular mail service or a courier service. Here we have given you some major differences which should help you in making an informed decision –

Pick up services – If you plan to send a package or letter through mail, you would have to physically go to the post office, stand in line, get the package weighed and only then is the cost determined. If it is sent internationally you would also have to declare the items of the package. This seems quite time taking. On the other hand, if you go with a courier service all you need to do is call them up or book them online and they will come and pick up your package at a predetermined time.

Difference in cost – The cost is probably the only feature that is less for a regular mail as compared to a courier service. But these days with faster services and technology entering every scene, the cost difference has become quite unnoticeable.

Delivery times – A post office can give you an approximate time of delivery but cannot guarantee it. On the contrary, a courier service can give you written guarantees of when the package will reach. In fact, if the receiver so requires they can also deliver the package at a specific time. Sometimes if the receiver is not available, they can also hold the package for a certain amount of time and deliver when available.

Reliable and convenient – Regular post offices are usually quite reliable but it is quite possible that packages might get lost. Hence if you plan to send something very important it is always best to use a courier service. They are more reliable and convenient as far as safety and time are concerned.