Mountain climbing is not something you will do just for having fun but for adventure and out of some inspiration at times. Like other activities in life, mountain climbing also needs to be done after following certain rules. When we are talking about Mount Everest or taking the 29029 Everesting we need to be very careful and follow these steps given below:

  • Weather: No one can ever fight the climate and how nature decides to behave so before starting your journey always make sure that you know the upcoming weather and whether it is safer to start your journey. You should also wait in your way if you are notified about bad weather ahead.


  • Drink Water: You have to keep yourself hydrated if you want to survive. You have to remember that doing the 29029 event needs fluid in your system to avoid headaches, dizziness,and other problems.

29029 Everesting

  • Use Ropes: Always remember to clip in properly before you start your climb to the top. You have to pull the ropes to make sure they are strong enough to carry the weight and make sure to go one at a time depending on the weight that the ropes can sustain.


  • Oxygen and Gear: You have to make a check on how much oxygen you will need throughout your journey since according to that you need to carry cylinders. You have to read a lot of the safety instructions to make sure you don’t make silly mistakes.


  • Your Call, Your safety: Remember that you have to take your call on your safety since no one else will decide about your safety while you are on the 29020 event. It is essential that you take your decisions with a calm mind and with much thought.

These are the tips that will help you in surviving while you are climbing your way to the Mount Everest. Make sure to take your supplies in abundance till the point you can since you never know what you might need.