Few years back, hacking was not as common as today. The account that had big monetary transactions were usually targeted by the hackers. The purpose of hacking was to steal someone’s important or secret information from the web account. The hackers usually targeted big organizations or government agencies and they were usually hired by the organizations to attack their rival accounts. The scenario of hacking has changed and now anyone can be a hacker by the advantage of emerging hacking technology that has made hacking a simple affair. If you are afraid of being hacked, you can also be a hacker and hack Facebook account. You will be surprised but this is true.


Why FB account is hacked

Social media networks are frequent targets of the hackers. Do you know why? Because people have so much faith on social media, especially Facebook for their social interaction. In this craze, they get liberal to load any content on their Facebook account irrespective of its secrecy or risk involved to make its use by some other for wrongful purposes. If your boyfriend or girlfriend has Facebook account, you would be interested in his or her activities or as a business enterprise, you would be interested in your rival’s activity for which you would be interested to hack a Facebook account of your rival. There are links like http://face-geek.com/ that help you in hacking. You can check over there about hacking methods without using a software.

How to hack FB account easily

Different methods are used by different hacking sites for this purpose. These methods are usually simple either by retrieving user’s password using algorithms or by inserting scripts. The other way is to use phone number and email account linked to FB account. You can use FB user’s SMS to get OTP on your own phone or computer. Thus, FB accounts have no security with verified phone and email in user’s FB account.