Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are popular names in modern time. These are surgical treatments for skin restoration and shaping body organs. These fields are relatively new in medical science, but their demand is far more compared to other medical fields. There is a valid cause because beauty is the key concern of most individuals, especially celebrities, models, and renowned personalities. Aesthetic body is a prime concern of anyone who makes public appearances in person or on mass media. Most people get plastic or cosmetic surgery for body aesthetic.

Non-surgical skin beauty treatments

Some people have phobia of surgical treatment, but they have concern for body aesthetic and use alternative treatments. The alternatives are available in the form of non-surgical skin beauty treatments.


Skin treatments for skin disorders are a different area in medical science. The skin beauty treatments are entirely different from clinical treatments for skin disorders. There are also skin care and lifting clinics that offer specialized treatments for anti-aging, skin lifting, skin smoothening, and skin restoration using various advance techniques.

HIFU: An advance skin beauty treatment

ไฮฟู is one of the most popular advance non-surgical skin lifting technique of modern time. This term is an abbreviation of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, a technique that uses ultrasound to stimulate birth Collagen under the skin. The preferred areas of this treatment are under the chin and forehead, and around the cheek area. The use of this technique makes V-shape face as needed.

HIFU mechanism

There’s another technique INDIGO HIFU which is used to eliminate face wrinkles, and to create elastin and collagen. INDIGO HIFU also take care of excess body weight problems by breaking the excess fat layer. Ultra-concentrated ultrasound wave technique increases flexibility which is the mechanism of HIFU. In INDIGO HIFU, concentrated energy is released onto the skin by head rubbing which is less paining and comfortable for the person taking this treatment. This makes the treatment more effective.