The job market has improved in United States during last couple of years after a phase of recession. The US economy is a pivot to the global economy and this recession made great impact on economies of many countries that also faced financial crunch following sluggishness in the US economy that also adversely affected job markets in many countries.

highest paying jobs on wall street

Nexus of Wall Street with global economies

The nexus of global economies is not denied because US financial industry attributes to the global economies’ health. New York and the presence of Wall Street in this city is deemed as a leading financial center of the globe. Wall Street is a home to two largest stock exchanges of the world by total market capitalization – the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. Many other stock exchanges, including the former American Stock Exchange, the New York Mercantile Exchange, and the New York Board of Trade. Thus, any uptrends and downtrends in these markets make direct impact on global financial markets.

Scenario of highest paying jobs on wall street

Being the major financial center of worldwide fame, it is also center for high-level jobs. You can find highest paying jobs on wall street mostly in the financial sectors. The securities, banking and insurance are three major financial segments that attract a big chunk of job-seekers. Finance is the most competitive industry and three major segments of this industry are highly professional, thus, requiring most qualified professionals in the field of finance. The levels of most financial jobs are usually very high and attract handsome remunerations.

highest paying jobs on wall street

Immigrants fulfil their dreams with highest paying jobs on wall street

The tables of finance professionals around the world are plagued with resumes of students with higher degrees, and executives with financial certifications aspiring to get a break in their career. The US is a country created by diversity and attracts immigrants from across the globe. The highest paying jobs on wall street make them fulfil their dream of working in the US. They also migrate here to work with the indigenous population.