According to a latest study, the most popular among all services provided by cloud based file sharing companies like fliehoster Z is the 6 months subscription. It is not hard to understand why. This package provides an interesting blend of affordability and good incentives.

Things to keep in mind while creating your premium link account

  • Do not keep an obvious password for your filehosteraccount for getting premium link.
  • Refrain from using basic personal information like your name, your pets name, your residential address or your email address as your password.
  • Do not share more than the basic information. Most websites require only for the very basic of personal information for creating of account to get premium link so always be cautious of the websites that ask more about your personal information.
  • Always opt for a reputed company- one that has a consistent and loyal client base. These companies which have been around for quite some time are less susceptible to come out as frauds.

 premium link

Pointers to keep in mind while making payments

A premium link account creation requires some amount of money to be paid to the internet file sharing company. It is important that the money you pay is safe and secure. Below are given few pointers that are helpful to keep your account and your transactions safe.

  • Avoid sharing your personal details with anyone you meet online, especially your bank credentials like your ATM card PIN or bank account number.
  • Always prefer a company that offers flexibility in its payment options. Reputed companies provide you with the options to pay via net banking, credit or debit cards and third party payment gateways.
  • Avoid using a public open Wi-Fi while using your account as it might end up being a proxy network created to siphon off your personal information.