Seems like Real Madrid has a hard time without the Football God, Ronaldo. In the recent match for La Liga, Barcelona has immensely thrashed Real Madrid for 5-1. Real Madrid and Barcelona who have been the keen dominators for the match, in the very first match, Barcelona stood ahead. Even when Messi isn’t there, Barcelona soar higher. Initially, in the first half, Madrid had a hard time but gradually, Barcelona swept it off in the second half. Also, one of the many major football highlights were Luis Suarez scoring hat-trick goals.

Marcelo’s goal

The football highlights became prominent when Marcelo scored a goal just to raise the hopes of Madrid and fans in the second half. But, it was again Suarez and Arturo Vidal made a come back and dropped the hopes of the audience. It was a mere sadness for the team of Madrid, as it was their worst Clasico defeat in the three years. Also, seemed like Barcelona won over their arch rivals, Madrid by being seven point ahead.

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Madrid’s disappointment

The disappointment of Madrid became extremely excitable when their midfielder, Casemiro said that their score ‘sums up the season’. He further went on to add that they have given some extremely great matches but the defeat against Barcelona was the worst one.

The tussle between the two

In the very first match of La Liga 2018, Barcelona made Madrid taste defeat in the most worst way. While the team was heavy hearted due to the match, the fans too didn’t appear to be any happy after the major football highlights. Madrid fans expected themselves to take over Barcelona due to the absence of Messi. But seemed like, they had to pay a high penalty due to the absence. This tussle which had been strong since ages was no less than prominent in this season too.