Eating meat, chicken and fish are healthy choices to fulfil various demands of body nutrition, but chicken (white meat) and fish are not as beneficial as red meat. Though many research studies have shown that consumption of red meat such as lamb, mutton, beef and pork is not good for health, and most researches have recommended vegetarian or vegan diet to be on further better side. Chicken is usually recommended for non-vegetarians.

by Superior Farms

Why von-veg diet is essential for your body

Based on outcomes of research studies, you can consider vegetarian or vegan foods (absolute vegetarian foods without animal component such dairy products) as healthy diet, but these foods may not be sufficient to fulfil your body’s demand for all nine essential amino acids. Thus, non-vegetarian combined with vegetarian diet is the healthier option. However, bodybuilders and athletes would need more non-vegetarian diet because of excess protein requirement by their body.

Why lamb meat is a good choice

The non-vegetarian diet, especially containing red meat is not always bad because it depends on your requirement of nutritional components. If you’re a non-vegetarian and a lover of red meat, lamb meat is the best choice compared to beef and pork. Chicken and fish are as good as plant-based foods. The excess of everything is bad, and this statement cannot be overlooked. Eating anything in recommended or desired quantity is beneficial to health rather than bad.

by Superior Farms

Pure and premium American lamb

Lamb meat is the best choice for meat lovers because it’s rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. This is an expensive meat compared to beef or pork, but has more benefits as well. Lamb meat is not quite common among Americans, and very few grocery stores sell this meat, usually an import product from Australia. However, you can trust on lamb meat by Superior Farms, a healthy choice for healthy Americans. This pure and premium sustainable lamb comes from pure pastures and ranchers, free from antibiotics, and raised by family farmers with extreme care.