Real estate investment is not an easy decision because it requires massive funds, especially if it’s about investment in a luxury real estate. In United States, you can expect investment of at least $ 1 million dollars to acquire a luxury residential real estate. The scenario is almost same in most developing and developed countries, based on their fiat currency value. So, if you are going to invest in a luxury home of $1 million, your actual cost will be higher than this after inclusion of cost of registration, legal expenses, real estate agent’s fee, and modifications needed in a new house.

Can online technology save real estate costs?

The real estate investment costs are consistently increasing, especially for รับสร้างบ้านหรู because additional customization is sometimes needed in the acquired luxuries. There is a very little chance to save on costs, but real estate technology, in contemporary time, is heading towards upgradation; the evolving of ways to save a large chunk of money by sellers in agent’s fee.


For instance, Particip8 Realty, a Greater Boston area online real estate technology service in US has combined power of internet with economical house plan, empowering sellers gain control over real estate sales. The online selling bypasses the engagement of property brokers, and saving substantially on agent’s fee.

What’s needed

The concept of online real estate is a good idea, but it is good support for ordinary real estate sellers. The buyers can’t save much on additional costs, and moreover, luxury real estate investors have many more considerations. It would be better if some luxury house building company launches the customized house plans that can offer customized luxury in cost-effective manner. Particip8 Realty is one example that has offered a cost-effective home-selling solution, but efforts of more companies are needed to meet demands of luxury residential real estate investors. The new plans should benefit both sellers and buyers in cost-effective luxury property deals.