Online gambling industry has ever been facing a major problem of transactions on gaming platforms. Safety is always a major issue when you’re betting because online transactions typically have an inherent risk of losing money on internet-based platform. Any third-part can interfere with the transaction with an intent to steal money. There’s no choice for a bettor except to maintain trust on the online betting agent. Most bets are usually placed on eSports in which bookies play a vital role. The distrust is not uncommon in this scenario because scams have become commonplace on online gambling platforms.

Blockchain-based technology platforms

The efforts have ever been made by game developers to resolve the issue of funds safety in online gambling or betting. Several methods of transactions are used to make betting transactions, but there’s no guarantee which method is the safest and will work best to make deposits. A revolution in eSports came when blockchain-powered technology was introduced. Https://, a decentralized autonomous network for eSports, is an example of blockchain-powered technology. More such platforms can be searched through a search engine query. The use of this innovative technology has been considered rather better compared to conventional platforms presently being in use for eSports betting.

Blockchain-powered technology is attracting good reviews

The launch of and other platforms like this is a new scenario in eSports betting which is under testing stage. Though their launch has been welcomed by eSports enthusiasts, yet it is to be seen how far the success of these newly launched platforms can go. Competitive gaming is the future of online gaming, and the apps for esports being launched are the ones that online gamers and bettors are waiting for. The blockchain-powered technology is attracting good reviews from many places. An article titled “It’s Time to Wake Up The eSports Space with Blockchain” published in Forbes last year has praised this technology. The technology also received words of appreciation from others as well.