Nutrient timing is a concept which was not used by traditional nutritionists and their emphasis was more on protein-rich diet and reduction in carbohydrate intake to achieve weight loss goals. For an average individual who is not involved in workouts, nutrient timing ideology has no meaning. In the past, people believe in more physical work to consume their sugar intake. Lifestyle was even pretty active in the past and dietary requirement were different from what we need today. Our sugar tolerance or insulin sensitivity fluctuates in different parts of the day.

Timed Nutrition

What is important

What and how much to eat is more important. This can’t be same for every individual and depends upon age, sex, lifestyle, body structure, and type of activities during the day. Metabolic rate is the key determining factor for our dietary needs. The important question is to maintain muscle-fat balance in our body. Most fitness plans are based on this principle, timed nutrition is the missing part in most fitness programs. Here emphasis is not on dietary supplements. Your body needs every type of nutrient for which consumption of whole grains, green vegetables, fruits, milk, proteins, some carbs, and even good fats are recommended. The important thing is their right proportion according to your body composition.

Timed Nutrition in 80 Day Obsession Nutrition Guide

80 Day Obsession program follows a format of timed nutrition. The purpose is to optimize muscle performance and muscle recovery due to muscle fatigue or worn out during the course of workouts. Timed nutrition supports muscles precisely at the time of need and with perfect quantum of macronutrients. What these macronutrients are? The macronutrients are carbs, proteins, and fats and their right proportion is the formula for your fitness. This is the objective of this program to provide perfect fitness through right combination of nutrients matching your workout regime.